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Abattoirs and Meat processors
Equipment: Nesting
Equipment: Processing / Packing
Bedding materials
Equipment: Testing Kits (ELISA, PCR etc.)
Biomas Heating Solutions
Equipment: Vaccination and Medical
Equipment: Weighing
Breeding companies
Farms for Sale
Building materials
Feed: Additives
Certification and Inspection
Feed: General
Cleaning: (disinfectants, equipment, etc.)
Feed: Grain, Soya, Ingredients etc.
Commercial producers
Feed: Nutrition
Commodity traders
Food and Feed Safety Products
Consultants, Advisors and Training
Fuel Suppliers
Contracting Services
Health and Safety
Housing (Backyard / Smallholder)
Employment agencies
Housing and Construction
Equipment - Ventilation
Insurance / Finance
Equipment: Agricultural Machinery
IT and Software
Equipment: Artificial Insemination
Equipment: Breeding
Equipment: Drinking
Equipment: Environmental Control
Pest control
Equipment: Feed handling
Pharmaceutical companies/suppliers
Equipment: Feeding
Fisheries and aquaculture meat suppliers
Equipment: Finishing
Publications: Magazines, Websites, etc.
Equipment: Identification
Vaccine Stabilisers
Equipment: Incinerators
Equipment: Lighting and Electrical
Veterinary practices and Consultants
Equipment: Medication
Waste handling and Odour control
Equipment: Monitoring
Welfare and Animal care