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AQUAEX INDIA 2019, the Mega Fisheries and Aquaculture Expo for South Asia brings the 3 days Knowledge Conclave which will focus on topics of current interest to the industry. Inspiring, thought-provoking, problem solving presentations by Fisheries Experts with rich academic and industry background followed by detailed discussions and exchanges shall focus on the emerging trends in fisheries and aquaculture to the existing as well as expected future challenges. Be a part of the Knowledge Conclave to update yourself of current developments in the industry.

Who Should Attend?

Knowledge Conclave topics are chosen to be of great value to all players of the industry including, Farmers, Feed Manufacturers, Input Manufacturers and Dealers, Equipment Fabricators and Traders, Technical Consultants, Academia, Scientists,Government Officials, Policy Makers, Extension Workers, Start-ups etc. Avail the great opportunity to be a part of it.

AquaEx India 2018 Speakers

 Can India Sustain its 2nd position in Global Fish Production

Dr.M.Vijay Gupta, India

World Food Prize Laureate
Sunhak Peace Prize Laureate
Former Assistant Director General| WorldFish Center| Malaysia

 Need for Species diversification in Indian aquaculture

Dr.Rohana Subasinghe, Sri Lanka

Senior Consultant WorldFish| Penang| Malaysia Former Chief| Aquaculture Branch Fisheries and Aquaculture Department FAO of the UN| Rome| Italy

Broodstock selection and management: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Aquaculture

Dr. Krishen Rana, U.K.

Professor- Sustainable Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources (Uni. of Plymouth, UK)  Professor – Sustainable Aquaculture, (Stellenbosch University, South Africa).  Assoc. Lecturer, St. Andrews University, Scotland. Assoc. Editor, International Aqua Feed. (Until December, 2013)

What India can learn from aquaculture transformation in Vietnam? Way forward for Pangasius farming in India

Dr.Philippe Serene, France

Aquaculture | Fish Feed Industry Consultant

Findings from the Blue Paper Forum-Pathway for Indian Aquaculture

Dr.P.E. Vijay Anand, India

Deputy Regional Lead for the Asia Subcontinent|USSEC

IPRS – A sustainable new technology for efficient fish production

Dr.Philip S. Kemp Jr., USA

Principal| Kemp Fisheries LLC| Aquaculture Consulting| Morehead City|NC

Murrel farming – How to go about?

Mr.Zhang Taoping(Bond Zhang), China

Technical Manager, Guangzhou Nutriera Biotechnology Co. Ltd., China

Challenges in Marine finfish hatchery and larval rearing technology

Mr. Rui Goncalves, Austria

BIOMIN Holding GmbH| Austria

Cost-effective, rapid diagnostic techniques for Aqua Health

Dr.Andy Shinn, Thailand

Director| Fish Vet Group Asia Ltd.|Thailand

 Marine Fisheries: Challenges in Indian context

Dr.Yugraj Singh Yadava, India

Director| Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO)

Sustaining Indian shrimp exports addressing Quality & Safety Issues

Dr.Iddya Karunasagar, India

Former Senior Food Safety Officer |FAO of UN| Rome| Italy

It’s Time for Ready-to-eat and Ready-to-cook Value added products

Mr.Gangesh Kumar Varma, India

Director| MaxBay Foods Pvt. Ltd.| Kolkota

Implications of Global shrimp and fish Market Developments for India

Ms. Fatima Ferdouse, Malaysia

Consultant Market Analyst|FAO of UN

Former Chief| Trade Promotion Division|INFOFISH| Malaysia

Freshwater aquaculture and Inland fisheries: Scope and strategies for enhancing its contribution towards rural livelihoods, food and nutrition

 Dr.Dilipkumar, India

Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector Planning and Policy Adviser International Civil Service (FAO of UN)-Retired Ex Director/VC of ICAR CIFE Mumbai| India